If you’re interested in gamification, you might want to visit my presentation and seminar in the topic during the summer.

The presentations in July are about the different gamified methods that Caerusia consists of. Even if you’re not interested in applying the whole framework, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll fancy a method or two. I’m looking forward to meeting you in any of the dates you can find in the ad. All you need to do is to register, using any of these links:

-July 14th: SOLD OUT
-July 22nd: SOLD OUT

The workshop in August is about Caerusia as a whole, how it functions as a complex framework. I’ll introduce you to the entire system, help you find your way with the application, and master hosting a fully gamified academic semester. Registration will be offered at the end of the occasions in July.

Gamificaiton is fun! Let’s do it together. See you there!